Company Profile

VOGE , a high-end subsidiary brand of Loncin motorcycle.

The pursuit of freedom in all aspects is the brand concept advocated by VOGE all the time.

To be a model brand and to ignite the flame of freedom and passion of riders are always the goal of VOGE . Not only that, the design style of VOGE motorcycle is integrated with the element of optimism and freedom, that everyone can always pursue freedom and passion.

The ripples in the Logo are like the folds blown by the wind, symbolizing the freedom. The three lines represent fun, aggressive and freedom, which are the main concept of VOGE design. The triangular appearance also symbolizes the stability of VOGE brand.

VOGE contains advanced design, high-end configuration, reasonable price. It has always been adhering to the brand core concept— reliable, unique, worthy to design, create and develop the world’s most iconic design, the top performance and the most advanced motorcycle. We don’t just make motorcycles, we create passion, we chase freedom, we look forward to the future.

VOGE Scandinavia are responsible for the distribution in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Our goal is that VOGE, with the help of the Loncin quality and the long-lasting cooperation with BMW, becomes a solid player in these markets.

Loncin has for several years produced 400cc scooters for BMW. This is an example of the high quality behind the products. In 2019 Loncin also signed an agreement with Italian MV Agusta. This agreement will allow Loncin to produce and develop a new 800cc engine designed for the high-end models of the VOGE brand, in the years to come. 

If you think this sounds exciting and want to part of the journey ahead, please send us an contact request for more information on how to be part of the VOGE team and family. 

Best regards,

VOGE Scandinavia